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MEMENTO MORI – THE MOVIE tells the stories of family affections: mother – child, husband – wife, brother – sister  in modern-day Vietnam.

Three stories took place in 3 different locations in 3 regions: urban, mountainous, and coastal areas, yet connected by the common fate of near-death cancer patients. Although they differ in age, background and social status as well as their own circumstances, they all want to find the meaning of life.



Director, Scriptwriter, Producer
  • Founder, chairman of YXINEFF (2010-2014)
  • Initiated “Inspiration", connecting artists and independent art projects to send valuable messages to community
  • Participated in (selected) projects: Thi Mai (2018) Directed by Patricia Ferreira (Spain) as assistant to director; The Way Station (Đảo của dân ngụ cư) (2017) directed by Hồng Ánh, role: pre-production producer, director’s assistant, casting director
  • Freelance journalist, covering news at international film festivals: Cannes, Venice, Berlin, Tokyo… (2009-2019)
  • Curator of Vietnamese short films for SEA's S-Express, participated in the film selection committee of SeaShorts 2019 (Malaysia), jury of Viddsee Film Festival 2017 (Philippines), curator of Vietnamese short films for Asia Film Symposium 2016 (Singapore) ...


  • Founder and CEO of Nha Buon Chuyen (A mult- media company)
  • 10 years of experience in production with wide variety of target audience
  • Producer of Memento Mori short play
  • General Director of Memento Mori Social Enterprise


Director of photography
  • Cam op: 49 days (Nhat Chung)
  • Director of Photography: Short Stories (Cao Trung Hieu), Comrades (short film)
  • Director: Magical Night (short film)


  • The Blind Knight (Luu Huynh)
  • Father and son and ... (Phan Dang Di)
  • The girl from yesterday (Phan Gia Nhat Linh)
  • Island of residents (Hong Anh)
  • Lawn grass (Phan Minh)
  • Sassy Girl (Van Cong Vien)


Musician artist
  • Composing and performing on New Austrian Sound of Music 2018-2019 (NASOM) by BMEIA in Contemporary Music
  • Private tour in Iran, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Taiwan, sponsored by BKA Austria and BMEIA


  • 2nd place at Franz Liszt Piano Competition (Hungary)
  • The Mozart Prize (Jacque Samuel Piano Competition)
  • Founder of the Miracle Choir & Orchestra


Media Management
  • A firsthand expert in branding strategy with strong experience in digital marketing and branding in Vietnam
  • Founder and General Director of DigiPencil MVV, a multi-media consultancy company with big-sized local and international clients
  • A presenter in many conferences in media, technology, and digital
  • An investor in many start-up projects


Fund raising
  • Having more than 15 years of experience in marketing and media solutions.
  • CEO & Founder of Time Universal (2004), a media and digital consultancy company in Vietnam
  • Having experience in working with key clients including Honda, Microsoft, Unicharm, Vingroup, Viettel, Sacombank, Techcombank…


Finance Controller
  • An expert in Vietnam movie industry
  • An producer with experience in all stages throughout a full movie production: investment, sponsor, production, media, domestic & international distribution, events and promotions at cinemas
  • Deputy director of Studio68, one of the leading film production in Vietnam (Tam Cam: The Untold story, Once Upon a Time, The Tailor, Furie, Song Lang, Fort Ti)


  • He's been active in various roles overseas, such as actor, program editor, and stage director.
  • He has played supporting roles in famous Vietnamese movies such as: Blood Letter, Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass, Scandal, Battle of the Brides 2, She's the Boss...


Content Advisor
  • Expert in development, social activist and political author
  • Deputy Director of the Center for Community Development Research & Support (CECODES), advocacy organization to improve the quality of national governance, focusing on transparency, equality, the voice of the people and the correlation of power in society
  • Speaker, coordinator of cultural events to expand civil society space, spread knowledge and build a culture of debate in the community.
  • Author of bestselling books, including "Life's Destination", the inspiration for the movie Memento Mori.

Assoc.Prof.PhD., Doctor NGUYEN DINH TUNG

Specialist Consultant
  • Deputy Director of Cancer Center, Hue International Hospital, President of Hue Breast Cancer Association.
  • Professionally trained at prestigious medical universities and hospitals in America. Certified in Korean Academy of Plastic Surgery.
  • Lecturer of Oncology at Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy
  • Speaker, coordinating activities and events about Cancer in Hue.
Tại sao là Memento Mori The Movie?

Why Memento Mori The Movie?

  • The topicality & humanistic significance of the project
  • Cultivated attention of the society & community from 2018 – 2020
  • For the first time, a form of community activity is done with a new, original & inspiring approach
  • Building a humane, positive, and aesthetic brand image
  • Creating added values for staff, customers, and business partners.

Memento Mori,
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MM_journey & mission
Khởi nguyồn

The Beginning

Memento Mori – Remember, you must die lis a Latin phrase that has been used in Christianity for centuries. The phrase has also been mentioned in the book Life’s Destination (2018) by Dang Hoang Giang. This is a reminder that everybody will eventually face death; and so in understanding that, we – human beings – can maintain a positive outlook through the toughest times, and value life more.

Memento Mori – Community Art Project (Non-profit) took shape in April 2018, founded by the Author, Dang Hoang Giang and Director, Marcus Manh Cuong Vu. The project told compelling stories of Cancer patients through the universally touching language of arts, spreading the message of treasuring life more – for our time on Earth is incredibly limited.

The Mission

Số 1

To spread
positive energy
to cancer patients & their beloved.

Số 2

To recreate emotions
through the language of art to nurture the emotions of those who suffer.

Số 3

To educate via experiences
to help the society be more aware of cancer, and of the Value of life.

Our Efforts

The book
“Life’s Destination”

The book

“Life’s Destination”

2 years (4/2018-3/2020)
20,000 copies
7 times reprinted

Stage performance
“Memento Mori”

Stage performance

“Memento Mori”

8 months
8 shows
5 cities


January 2019 - WeChoice Awards 2018

Nominations for Inspiring Character & Inspiring Ambassadors

December 2019 - Gala “Thank You Life" - VTV1

Live performance of “Ha & Nam” scenes with Thu Huyen (“Ha”) and Kenchi (“Nam”)

April 2019 - 2 Awards - “Golden Kite Prize 2019”

For the documentary “Remember you’re living” by Director Doan Hong Le about the life of actress Pham Thi Hue (“Lien”)


In the midst of society, amid the kindness that is gradually disappearing from this life or amid the misfortune in each human being, we still feel that we're richer than the people here - the cancer patients - the ones who carry in them physical pains, yet have amazing mental strength... The emotions and condenstation, all of that I keep in the photos for Memento Mori.
Nguyen Dang Nghia - Volunteer, Memento Mori Hoi An
Memento Mori happened to me, just as an extremely important reason for me to look further. Remember, you must die! Thus, one must live better, more freely, more rational and more helpful!
Nguyen Hoang Diep - Art Advisor for Memento Mori
I struggled to find a place to read (the book) without my mind being disturbed. When I've finished reading, I can confirm that I like reading the book in crowded places. Not because that will stop me from crying too much, but because I will then understand better what the author had gone through. “Between feasts and festivals, remember the night of our fragile fate...” - Michael de Mongtaigne.
Quang Bao - MC
What a special show in a special atmosphere close to nature. People connected, shared the joys in tears and welcomed the New Year together. Once again, I'm grateful to the author, director and the team of Memento Mori, for giving my son a memorable experience in a project that has great impact on the community.
Trinh Thi Bich Luu - Cancer patient, Mother of Tung Lam - actor in Memento Mori Hanoi, Da Lat, Hoi An
I think that my role and this project can bring little to the near-death cancer patients. On the contrary, they are the ones who, through this show, shake our minds - those who are taking refuge in peace, forcing us to face and immerse in thoughts about others' pains and deaths, as well as about the uncertainty of life.
Pham Thi Dieu Huong - Visual artist, as Ha in Memento Mori Hanoi
I had took all of my courage to open the book "Life's Destination", closed it half-way, then struggled to finish it. And now I have an opportunity to fully experience the book with its author, and a meaningful project with artist Nguyen Chung.
Ngo Thanh Phuong - Dancer - Cancer patient, Guest of Memento Mori Hoi An
Even though I’ve witnessed many deaths, I have never been - and I’m still not - ready to face the departure of my loved ones with cancer. . To me, Memento Mori & Life’s Destination are not only stories of personal experiences, but also reflect on aspects of real life.
Nguyen Anh Quan - Cardiologist at Bach Mai Hospital
Memento Mori has helped me realize: The most beautiful things are the little, most common things in our daily life.
Actress Hong Anh - played Van in Memento Mori Ka Don, Da Lat & HCMC.
I’ve read “Life’s Destination” several times to learn lessons for myself. We shall read the stories of those who are near death, to understand that we all will die. All of us are equal at death, so there’s no need to live a stressful life.
Singer My Linh - Special guest at Memento Mori Show in Hanoi
I’m no longer fearful as I once was. When the pain comes, I try to remain positive and loving to others… Take it easy, forgive what you can forgive. What is valuable is the love that we give to each other. I appreciate your contributions to the community and for people like me. Thank you so much!
Tang Nguyen - Cancer patient